René-Maurice Gattefossé International Prize 2024

This René-Maurice Gattefossé International Prize is open to applicants presenting the work achieved by a multidisciplinary team composed of at least one qualified aromatherapy professional and one qualified health care professional (e.g. doctor, nurse, psychologist, physiotherapist…).

A minimum of two years’ experience of aromatherapy delivery in the same health facility is required.

The team should be working in a healthcare setting for patients with clinical needs (e.g. hospitals, acute care settings, hospices, day care centers, elderly care centers, dementia units, mother and baby settings, community-based health care...).

A letter of support from the service manager or equivalent must accompany the application, confirming that all necessary permissions have been obtained with regards to applying for the award and the associated sharing of data required.

The application should present recent evidence (ideally from within the last two years), of benefit from specific aromatherapy interventions, targeted to the needs of the recipients, incorporating clear clinical and scientific rationale. The application of aromatherapy must be appropriately evaluated in a systematic manner, employing appropriate assessment tools or measures to demonstrate safety and positive effects.

Information about the essential oils used needs to include:

  • key botanical identification
  • biochemical information,
  • details of the supplier (s)
  • evidence of quality control measures

There needs to be a clear link between the rationale of essential oil selection and the expected purpose of the aromatherapy treatments. Commercial ‘off the shelf’ products are generally discouraged unless there is a very clear reason for the selection.

The applicant needs to share details of the aromatherapy protocol(s) used.


  • Dose
  • Duration
  • Frequency
  • Method of Administration
  • Exact Formulation

Any country – with the exception of France (who should apply to the French prize) – can participate in the René-Maurice Gattefossé International Prize.

Use of English language is mandatory: the application form and supplied documentation will only be accepted in English and the applicant or associate  should be sufficiently fluent to be able to present their work in English. Translation from the original language is permissible however the final submission must be clearly understood in English.

To participate in the René-Maurice Gattefossé International Prize, applicants must apply by filling the online entry form providing all requested documents.

Full information is availble in the rules (see the document).

Période de dépôt du dossier Date de lancement 15/11/2023 à 08h00
Date de clôture 03/04/2024 à 23h00

Fuseau horaire : Europe/Paris