Call for ‘Innovative Aromatherapy Practice’


Call for innovative Aromatherapy Practice

Call for ‘Innovative Aromatherapy Practice’

alarm Launch:

15/05/2024 at 00:00

schedule Closing:

15/10/2024 at 00:00


Time zone: Europe/Paris
The goal of this competition is to share innovative aromatherapy practices worldwide that can benefit the wider community. The e-poster have to present a specific aromatherapy practice/protocol that has demonstrated beneficial effects to recipients. The e-poster is eligible if it meets certain conditions:  Be made up of a maximum of 6 slides with a title Include the elements defined by the Foundation (see rules) Upload by October 15 2024 (PDF format)In addition to their e-poster submission, applicants are required to provide a short video presentation (maximum 2 minutes), that explains why and how their practice/protocol was developed and delivered.   The scientific committee will review select the top five e-posters to be presented at an online “Aromashowcase” event scheduled for December 10 th 2024.   All countries are eligible. Only applications in English and French should be submitted here. If you want to apply in German, Japanese or Portuguese, go back to the "Call for applications" page.




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